About Us

Our People


They know ant take their responsibility and put that extra distinctive step that is needed and are specialist in their field. We are happy to use our expertise for our clients to work with them on continuous improvement of performance and processes.

Prior TC continuously invests in its employees to keep up with technology and the latest developments in software.


Core Values



To think is good, to think ahead is better. Safety is paramount in everything we do. An integral part of our processes and services. Prior TC is VCA certified.


Taking responsibility to fulfil the agreements with our customers and to achieve reliable successful project results. Proactive and with added value, also for the future. Hence our slogan “our engineering, your future”.


We act according to the interest of our clients.


We act ethically and sincerely. Reliable by saying what we do and doing what we say.

Openness, honesty and transparency

Honest and clear communication, realistic and no surprises.



Our Mission is:

By thinking ahead and…

..design efficiently;

..with extensive knowledge and experience;

..we are able to unburden our costumers ;

..by delivering high-quality work;

..focused on the future and:

..with respect for the environment, the costumer and each other.




”To be known by all our costumers as a top service provider on which costumers can rely on quality, delivery time, safety, health and the environment”.